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Canberra to Albury Removalists

Moving from one city to another may tempt some people to hire DIY removalists to carry out a movie in order to save some money. However, falling for this temptation may only end up causing more regret. It is essential to hire experienced and skilled removalists whom have actually been well trained to carry out any type of move, no matter the size or the scope of the removal process. Here, at iMove Removalist & Storage we consist of a team of expert Canberra to Albury Removalists who are actually familiar with the removal process.

Canberra to Albury Removal Process

Every move is different and every customer will have specific requirements. The size of the property and the number of items to be moved could differ and this means a one-size-fits-all approach won’t work. As seasoned professionals, we understand that a successful removal depends on a number of things such as:

  • Canberra to Albury Interstate Removalists – We attach a lot of importance to planning and make sure that everything is planned perfectly. Our regular removalist team and the professional furniture removalist will work in tandem to make sure the entire process takes place without a glitch. Whether we are moving a small apartment or a single-family home, our experts pay the same amount of attention to the job.
  • Perfect packing – Regardless of the distance being travelled, it’s important that all the items be packed carefully in bubble wrap and then placed in appropriately-sized boxes. Packing paper and packing peanuts will be used to cushion all the items and fill the voids in the box and this provides some added protection to all the items. But it’s not just the smaller items that we pack so carefully. Our professional Canberra to Albury movers are highly skilled in packing electronic and electrical devices, large home appliances and delicate lighting fixtures too.
  • Professional furniture removalist with insurance – Most homes have a lot of furniture that needs to be moved as carefully as all the other things. It can be extremely challenging to move large and oddly-shaped furniture from one location to another. Our expert team will disassemble the larger pieces and pack all the parts separately.

Pieces that can’t be dismantled will be packed carefully and secured in the moving truck so that they don’t get jostled around when the vehicle is in motion. Once we reach the destination, our personnel will unload the furniture, reassemble the pieces and place them in the rooms you want.

Choosing Professional Canberra to Albury Removalists

When you start your search online for “cheap interstate backload company”, you will find that a number of results show up. It can be tempting to hire the company that advertises the lowest rates. But this can prove to be a big mistake later. A company that offers very low rates may end up cutting corners. They may use poor quality packing materials or might have inexperienced technicians on their team. This can only end up causing damage to your items while they are being transported to your new home.
This is why it’s important to hire moving services by a safe interstate Canberra to Albury removalist like us. We have built a good reputation in the field and know that you need high-quality services at a pocket-friendly price. When you are moving, it is but natural that you want to save some money, but hiring a sub-standard removal company isn’t the way to do it.

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Types of safe removals Canberra to Albury

As one of the most affordable interstate removal companies in the field, we know what it takes to provide services that will delight our customers. While we do have some standard packages to choose from, we are more than happy to provide customised solutions that suit your requirements and budget. Some of the solutions we offer include:

  • Full Removal Service – As the name suggests, this is a complete service that includes wrapping and packing as well as hauling and transportation. We will also unload, unpack and place all the items in the different rooms, as per your requirement. This service is perfect for clients that don’t want to personally handle any aspect of the move.
  • Partial Removals – If you’re on a tight budget while moving but still need the best removalists Canberra to Albury services, you can opt for a partial removal. As part of this service, we handle all the heavy work like hauling, transportation and unloading. But the packing and unpacking aren’t included and this helps you save some money on the move. This option is also a great option for clients that prefer to manage the packing and unpacking themselves.
  • Backloading – We pride ourselves on being a high-quality interstate backload company. In backloading, you have the option to book only a portion of the truck. It’s the ideal solution for when you need to move a limited number of items. The cost of the transport is shared by other clients that need only some of the truck space. This reduces the cost of the move for you, without any compromise on efficiency and safety.

For more information on our Canberra to Albury Removalists solutions, feel free to call iMove Removalist & Storage Removalists today.

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