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Interstate Car Carrier Transport

We’re delighted to welcome you to iMove Group Car Carrier Transport, one of the longest established and most experienced shippers in the vehicle haulage industry. 20 years in the business means we’ve moved every type of vehicle to pretty much every destination, both within the NSW and interstate.

We ship any type of vehicle, whether you need to move a precious sports car or an RV, a motorbike or a convertible, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be well looked after every step of the way. For more information call us for a friendly chat. If you’d like to get an online quote, then fill in your details on our contact us form and our staff will get back you. Whatever your vehicle shipping needs, one thing’s guaranteed with iMove Group Car Carrier Transport you’ll receive an outstanding service right from the word go. We bank our reputation on it.

Car Carrier Transport


We value our staff. Safe and reliable delivery of your car is their upmost goal. IMove Group Car Carrier Transport’s professionals are thoroughly trained in the car transport business. They have transported cars in all sorts of conditions and situations, so you know that they have the experience to deliver your car safely and on-time.


iMove Group Car Carrier Transport has been moving cars for over 20 years. We have made ourselves into one of the top Car Carrier Transports in the business. Our procedures in place streamline delivery so customers do not have to wait. Reliable and safe deliveries are what keep our customer coming back.


iMove Car Carrier Transport has a sure-fire business model. Our business model assures that we have ongoing change and development. We put money back into the company and maintain state-of-the-art equipment. We stay ahead of the competition this way.


Most car dealers and distributors choose open auto carrier transport no matter the destination. Open auto carrier transport is the standard means of car transport. iMove Group Car Carrier Transport offers open auto transport with the same expedient, reliable service as other means.


  • We tailor our service around you to ensure that all your individual requirements are met.
  • Commitment to our customers needs
  • We have the expertise and experience we believe vital to make sure you receive nothing but the best service possible
  • Affordable prices and reliable service


Q: What does the auto transport process entail?

We accommodate all types of transport and each type of transport requires different processes. As soon as we processes the paperwork and deposit, we schedule your car for transport according to the dates on the order. Then the vehicle is assigned to a transport truck. You will receive a call from our office staff to schedule a time and date for initial pick up. When the driver arrives at the destination point, he does a detailed inspection of your vehicle. The staff will call ahead to schedule an approximate time for end delivery. The inspection report on pickup will be presented at delivery allowing you to compare the car’s condition before and after transport. iMove Group Car Carrier Transport takes every precaution to assure safe delivery of your vehicle.

Q: Does my vehicle have insurance during transport?

Yes, the driver thoroughly inspects the vehicle at the initial pickup and later at the destination. At the end destination point, you must inspect for damages again to make sure none has occurred in transit. In the unlikely event that damage has occurred, you must note those damages on the condition report and the have the driver sign the document. Remember, insurance companies cannot process claims if damages are not documented at delivery.

Q: What is a Condition Report?

The Condition Report is the part of the Bill of Lading that documents the condition of your vehicle at the time the driver takes custody of it. Before a transporter loads your vehicle, he fills out a Condition Report and notes the condition of the vehicle at the time he picked it up. The Shipper or authorized agent must check the notations made and sign and note your agreement with the notes. The Shipper must be given a copy of this Condition Report before your car leaves the point of origin. Claims of damage at arrival point will be based on the condition of your vehicle, as reported, at the pick-up point.

Q: How will my auto be transported?

Various auto carriers of the same type used to transport new vehicles to dealerships transport most vehicles.

Q: Must I be there for pick-up and delivery of my vehicle?

Yes, you must be present at both the pick-up and the delivery of the vehicle or you may designate a person to act as your agent in your absence to complete the auto transporting process.

Q: How much time will it take from pick up to deliver my vehicle?

Interstate transport can take from 1 to 7 days depending on state. Shorter trips can take from 1 to 2 days, depending on the distance. Traffic, bad weather, truck breakdowns, seasonal fluctuations and other unforeseen events may delay the shipping of vehicles. Pickup and delivery dates are estimated but are not guaranteed. If either your origination or destination locations are in a remote areas away from population centers, then you might consider meeting a driver in a nearby larger city or town to increase your chances of shipping in a more timely fashion.

Q: Where will my vehicle be picked up and delivered?

Your car will be picked up and delivered as near your home as possible. In some locations, big transport carriers must follow local government regulations that disallow transporter trucks from coming directly to neighbourhoods. In such cases, alternate sites will be chosen.

Q: Should I do anything to get my vehicle ready for shipping?

Yes, be sure items such as ground effects, spoilers, fog lights, or wide mirrors are secured, and lower or remove the antenna. Mend or seal tears and open seams on convertible tops to prevent wind from doing further damage. Check the battery and secure it. It should have no leaks and fluid levels must be low enough to handle expansion. Turn off anti-theft devices.

Q: Why ship with Car shipping Companies?

iMove Group Car Carrier Transport understands that transporting your car can be a worry. We understand that one of the greatest concerns of moving can be shipping your car. Yet shipping cars is the most logical way to move it. Choose iMove Group Car Carrier Transport over driving your car to its new home.

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