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Whether it’s a 1 bedroom apartment, a 4-bedroom house, an office, or a warehouse, one of the most crucial parts of relocation is packing. i-move has been offering complete removals services for the last several years, both local and interstate, which meets your needs and budget.

We offer packing, unpacking and cleaning services to suit your requirements. We also provide boxes which are specially designed and come with padded and protective linings which can withstand the shakes and jerks during transit.

Let’s take a look at our services in detail:

Packing and unpacking

Relocation can be stressful as packing is cumbersome and time-consuming. So leave your packing woes to our expert packing team who will take special care of all your items. Once you have moved to your new space, you do not have to face the daunting task of unpacking a house filled with boxes. We can do the unpacking and home organizing for you, saving your time and reducing the stress of setting up your new home. Read More…

Boxes and packing material

With our expert sizing guidelines, we know what kind of boxes and packing materials you would need to ensure your items are packed safely. We come with a whole set of paraphernalia – all-sizes boxes, protective plastic wraps, custom crates to protect fragile items, tapes, markers etc. We have specialized custom crates for items like hanging clothing, artwork, electronic appliances, chinaware, etc. Read More…

Cleaning services

We clean as we pack. Moving to a new location creates a lot of discards; but no worries….our de-cluttering cleaning service, prior to moving, will help you clean up your place. We also know how time-consuming and stressful, cleaning your new place would be. This is why we provide professional cleaning services by experienced cleaners which means you have nothing to worry about except moving into your new place. Read More…

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